Connected Devices: Cybersecurity & Compliance Summit

Is your medical device secure? I learned a lot about the latest trends in cybersecurity and how to protect medical devices and hospitals at a conference this week hosted in San Francisco and featuring presentations by cybersecurity experts from the medical device industry, from hospital systems, and from vendors of [...]

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Why Haven’t More Medical Device Companies Embraced Agile? This short video provides an overview of Agile methods and an in-depth discussion of the practical considerations for satisfying regulatory requirements. A panel of three medical device professionals, with decades of experience across dozens of medical device companies, provide an in-depth overview of the practical realities of adopting Agile [...]

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Accelerating Medical Device Development with Lean and Agile Methods

If you missed Aaron Joseph’s presentation on “Accelerating Medical Device Development with Lean and Agile Methods”, you can get the slides at In his talk he shares how medical device companies can take advantage of lean and agile methods for speeding up hardware and software development if they understand how [...]

Accelerating Medical Device Development While Improving Compliance

If you missed Aaron Joseph’s talk “Accelerating Medical Device Development While Improving Compliance”, the material is available as a video. He explores how to accelerate medical device development with lean and agile methods. Companies in multiple industries have found that lean and agile methods speed up their product development while [...]

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