Intro to SaMD

SaMD, or Software as a Medical Device, is not just another mobile app.  It is a new category of medical device that has particular regulatory considerations and is at the forefront of some of the most innovative new healthcare technology.

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Software Testing Is Not Hardware Testing

Best practices for medical device HW testing are not best for SW testing Medical device development teams often ask me for help with software V&V. Even though they have their hardware development under control, these teams keep encountering software testing problems and the corresponding compliance documentation.  Frequently, it’s because their [...]

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Newsletter V. 2019 Issue 1

Embracing Change: Your Connected Medical Device is Never Finished Embracing change means setting up your organization, processes, and tools to efficiently manage changes during product development and after product launch. Why connected devices are different? Agile Design Controls: Dynamic Risk Management for SW-Intensive Medical Devices Learn the nuts and bolts [...]

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Embracing Change: Your Connected Medical Device is Never Finished

The proliferation of software in modern medical devices has enabled innovative new applications and many benefits to patients.  However, it has also created greater challenges for medical device companies: namely, managing greater product complexity and more reliance on third party software components.  For connected devices there are the added challenges [...]

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FDA Software Guidances and the IEC 62304 Software Standard

“One approach to satisfy two sets of rules” for FDA software guidances As stated in the last blog post, there are two sets of rules for FDA software guidances—twice the rules, twice the confusion. My recommendation is to base your software development procedures on the IEC 62304 Standard, which is [...]

Intro to Medical Device Software

Beginner’s Guide to Medical Device Software “Medical Device Software for Newbies” or “Why is this stuff so confusing?” Many times I’m asked to explain to engineers how to manage compliance for medical device software development. From newcomers to experienced professionals, it remains a source of confusion and frustration. And a [...]

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Suggested Resources for Lean and Agile Product Development

Here are some good online resources: – good overview of lean principles written by two software management consultants (Craig Larman and Bas Vodde) who include aspects of software agile methods as well. – a blog by Mike Rother with lots of good observations and real-life issues involved in changing an organization [...]

Challenges Adopting Agile Methods for Medical Device Software

After more than 20 years, agile methods for software development are well-established, with extensive information and expertise available for anyone who wants to adopt them: – Agile Alliance is a non-profit organization; good material for beginners (Agile 101) and many articles and links – Scrum Alliance is a non-profit organization; [...]

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